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A virtual school "Cyril and Methodius"
VIP.KM.RU √ a product of CM Online, a 6 channels of exclusive content - literature (the book), music, mp3, encyclopedias, games, electronic books and courses.
Infoservice Unison "
Training and testing programs: "Fundamentals of Environmental Literacy", "The economy ton of business" Amazing prikyucheniya in the country Eklnomika "Complex training tests to prepare for exams, Grazhdanovedenie."
New development in a series of 1C: Repetitor "
Since the start of the new school year, 1C Company has announced a new line of educational software products. After 1C: coach, "1C: Learning Collection, a series of 1C: School". The principal, in our view, the difference a new series of educational programs is targeting both the end user - the student as well as the developer of filling, the organizer of the learning process - teachers. The technological platform on which established an educational system "1C: Education 3.0", enables the teacher to build a new training courses, using the ready-media sites or creating their own.
Educational programs from the New Disk " # 4
Increasingly sophisticated technology used in education and training. That is why the publishing house "The new disc presents a wide range of educational multimedia products: from encyclopedias to electronic textbooks for schoolchildren. Ruler Language Program includes a full English REWARD InterN @ tive, a set of successful preparation for the exam TOEFL, a series of "Learn Languages" (more than 50 languages), "Learn the words" electronic library of English Reading Club, a series of electronic dictionaries "MultiLeks" and others. Numerous awards at the All-Russian exhibitions and conferences - testifies to the high quality of our programs.
Tutorial Words
Words - this training program to help teach foreign words, not spending so much time. Install the program - and it will offer you to transfer a few words after you have defined intervals. The correct answer is you can choose from a list or enter on your keyboard. Before "lesson" program verifies that you are not busy typing and did not use a mouse (that is, you will usefully fill a small pause in the work).
Time: "The Rector 3"
Automating the scheduling of lessons in school - an important section of informatization of education. Our program helps head teacher to prepare an optimal schedule lessons with the wishes of teachers and administration requirements. The program consists of four sections of "lists", "load", "schedule" and "replacement".
FIZIKON Company - a leading Russian developer of software, Internet projects and information systems for education and business, which for more than 10 years, presents its products and services in the world market. Between policies of the company are fully Internet-orientation of products and solutions, as well as modern methods of interaction with the customer. The company employs more than 150 IT-specialists, the majority of staff have degrees in physics, mathematics and computer science, and are graduates of the leading technical university Russia - the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).
Center for Language Psychology
The method CLP to the world's only implements a strategy of direct formation of speech skills, involves speech inborn mechanism for development. This method can be called natural. It allows mechanical learning firm to invest in memory of a large amount of lexical and phonetic patterns. This leaves the listener program CLP formed ╚ sense of language ╩, there is another voice center.
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