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Moscow School ╧ 15
Open litseyskie classes with profound study of human and natural profile, based on MSU and RSMU. Specialized classes attend classes in subjects RSMU on the natural cycle, and in grades 9-11 liceale individual subjects are members of MSU.
Moscow School ╧ 18
Page Alumni FMSH 18 (SUNTS MSU)
Moscow School ╧ 34
The history of the school, the educational model, internal regulations, cooperation with universities, information for incoming and their parents.
Moscow School ╧ 57
Moscow State Fifty-seventh school has its history of the Realnogo School Statskogo adviser Karl Mazinga based in the 80's of the XIX century. Even then this school is one of the most advanced secondary education research
Moscow School ╧ 91
Secondary School ╧ 91 Russian Academy of Education.
Moscow School ╧ 96
One of the oldest schools in Moscow (opened in 1934)
Moscow School ╧ 115
Moscow School ╧ 119
Moscow School ╧ 124
Moscow School ╧ 172
Moscow School ╧ 174
School ╧ 174 carries out basic training in the disciplines of science, technical and legal profiles liceale classes.
Moscow School ╧ 187
Moscow School ╧ 254 SVAO
Moscow School ╧ 353
The school was built in 1936, and in 1937 she was named poet. It has a rich history and traditions. At the entrance to the school hung a memorial plaque in memory of that house, which stood here, was born AS Pushkin.
Moscow School ╧ 363
Moscow School ╧ 415
School ╧ 415 was founded in 1953 and until 1982 was eight. In the 2005/2006 academic year, the school has once again successfully passed the state appraisal and received a license to conduct educational activities.
Moscow School ╧ 444
Each state has its own special features. The school - this small state. And we are pleased that in our small country there are 444 amazing feature: we teach children, recently taught the parents of these children has long been taught to parents, parents
Moscow School ╧ 465
School-depth physical and mathematical classes in the MSTU them. NE Bauman and RGTU them. K.E. Tsiolkovsky.
Moscow School ╧ 507
The school with liceale classes and classes in-depth study of English.
Moscow School ╧ 613
Moscow School ╧ 679
Moscow School ╧ 788
Official site and forum.
Moscow School ╧ 903
OMG Secondary School ╧ 903 with gimnazicheskimi classes. The school is located in Moscow in the district Biryulevo East.
Moscow School ╧ 1017
Moscow School ╧ 1020
Moscow School ╧ 1254
High School ╧ 1254 with in-depth study of science.
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