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Private schools in Moscow

Private School Victoria 2000
We are proud of our staff. We have an excellent team-minded - highly qualified and experienced teachers - teachers and educators.
Private School "ray"
The school is located in an area adjacent to the forest area of Timiryazevskogo area, away from major highways of Moscow, which ensures quiet in the classroom and safety of children.
Private school "Hope"
School of Hope - one of the first private school in Moscow (founded in 1992), winner of the Moscow city contest "Best School in Moscow - 2005". Winning the contest is a public acknowledgment of the contribution to the development of school education. The school - the only privately, and the third Russian school, received a diploma of the European Committee School, where literacy, for their hard work to build and develop a culture of reading students.
Private School Perspectives "
Our school was established in 1993 as an attempt to modernize Soviet school, he took out all the best and adding new designs and techniques. Many years of experience confirms the effectiveness of selected areas. At school, we practice an individual approach to every student in grades no more than 10 people. This allows you to keep lessons interesting, use ╚ living ╩ form. We believe that learning should certainly be perceived as the guys work, but the work of bringing joy, that is why we attach great importance to motivate students.
Private School "Prestige"
The school is located in the historic center of Moscow in its own four-storey building of modern design. Bright and spacious classrooms, large recreation, create comfortable conditions for the educational process and strengthening the psychological and physical health of students.
Private School "Samson"
In 13 years of schools ╚ fruitful Samson ╩ reached one of the best educational institutions in Moscow and Russia, providing a high level of knowledge, culture, a broad intelligence, analytical thinking ability, preserve and strengthen moral and physical health of individuals. During that time, the number of posts has increased from 28 to 220, ie eight times. The training area - at 15.47 times: with a 300.0 square meters of leased land to 4941.0 square meters owned. Enrollment has increased 3.5 times: from 52 to 182 people.
Private school and kindergarten "Lotus"
Guide schools based on the need to provide every child the opportunity to try their strength in different areas and identify priorities for future action. That is why our schools are not specialized in-depth study of any subject. But, due to individual personal approach to training and professionalism of teachers, the study of all disciplines is based on inclinations and abilities of the child. This enables the student is deeply and deliberately examine all training subjects, achieving success in exploring those to which he has the ability and interest.
Private ╚ School Co-operation ╩
The first private school in central Moscow. We are 16 years old! The school was founded on 1 September 1990. 4-storey, spacious school building Taganka with sports and acts of rooms, with large protected prishkolnoy territory on which the playground and a children's camp in forest area. We are proud of our rich history and tradition.
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