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"Treasure Island" - Junior Organization
"Treasure Island" was created in 1993 based on 518 secondary school in Moscow. Later, the ranks of organizations Gimnazii 45 popolnilis students. In the framework of the organization was founded several kommunarskih principles. "Island" consists of uneven groups, professional associations of artists, the order of trainers.
Open College
One of the first in Russia educational Internet-portals, including training school (mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and other subjects) and courses for professional education.
"School Sector Association RELARN
The site predstavlet a reflection of the activities of the network community of children and adult students √ √ teachers and school librarians many cities of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and others active in the Internet network projects and competitions.
Association of School Education Network Kazan
State Research Institute of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Open Society Institute
Institute of New Technologies
The main idea INT - bring in a modern school spirit inquisitive interest-free research and creative experiment.
School of Information Technology
Moscow Center for Continuous mathematics education
The purpose of the center is to preserve and develop traditional mathematics education in Moscow, support for various forms of extra-curricular work with students (clubs, competitions, tournaments, etc.), guidance to the heads of clubs and teachers to classes with in-depth study of mathematics and support programs in the field Teaching Mathematics in higher education and post-graduate studies in science and teaching.
Science Lab School
What unites employees of public education, staff research institutions and students. Our main goal - the creation of intellectual environment for gifted children and youth with a philosophical mind and inclined to research.
Newcastle Regional Learning Network
Mathematics Education Site
The main objective of the project - to establish a Russian Internet space for everyone who uses, and wants to use mathematical packages in the educational and scientific activities, promote the establishment of Russian-speaking community of users of mathematical software.
Educational server Chelyabinsk "Ocean of Knowledge"
The official server Department of Education in Moscow
Guide "In the world of science for schoolchildren ~ nauka /
Develop systems of education LV Zankova
The public system of education. Based on the new Didactic Area, the principles developed by L. Zankovym. Its goal - maximum effectiveness of teaching for the overall development of the student.
North-west of Moscow Office of Education
School world
Catalog resources for schools.
Online magazine for teachers, pupils and their parents Courier Education "
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