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State Musical College Estradnogo and Jazz Art
GMKEDI prepares entertainment, leaders of instrumental and vocal ensembles, teachers. College graduates working in the pop-symphonic orchestra Television, the Presidential Orchestra, the leading jazz orchestras, military orchestras of Russia, instrumental ensembles.
College MESI
The college is working closely with Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI), open the Eurasian Institute (EAOI) and the Institute of Continuing Education MESI, College of governance, law and information technology MESI. College graduates can continue their education at a reduced program of higher professional education in these universities.
Moscow International Film School
Moscow International Film School is a public institution in which high school (13-18 years), along with a general liberal education (certificate of the sample) receive practical training in the field of three directions: "Movie," "Theater" and "Word".
Moscow Technical Space Priborostreniya
Technical provides training for the following groups of specialties: Automation and Control, electronics and microelectronics, radiotechnics and telecommunications.
Polytechnic College ╧ 19
Founded in 2004, based on 3-public educational institutions of Moscow: Moscow technical college and vocational schools ╧ 7 and ╧ 164.
Suvorov Military School
The site is addressed to all who are interested in military issues, is the military-patriotic upbringing of youth, as well as those who in one way or another linked with the activities of Suvorov military schools. We can say with certainty that it would apply and students, the crucial responsibility for themselves the question: ╚ Kem be? ╩ about the activities of Suvorov military schools, might cause some of them seeking officer profession to devote his life to serving in the ranks of our glorious armed forces.
Technological College ╧ 14
Technological College today - one of the leaders in Moscow and Russia educational institutions to train professionals in the field of design, economy, advertising and technology, and not incidentally our motto is the thesis "The future starts here!".
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