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A bit of history

Since 1996, we began to support non-profit projects related to the network. Start after the regular hacker attacks, in which zameshannymi teenagers and students. They broke the protection of a Canadian server access, and from there, taking advantage of another's names, attacking other machines, including our Russian. It was almost detective story worthy of the pen kinostsenarista. It was a pity that these smart guys, getting at school and at the Institute of knowledge, English speaking, it is not burdened by any ethical principles. They spent force in the destruction of protection and rejoiced at this. It seems that they are not interested in who built the networks and what it cost.

And we decided that begin working with schools. Show children and the technical and human side of the network. We have opened a free entry. They can still take advantage of any school. It is a real entrance to the Internet through our server. Every school can organize your page in the WEB-server, and already the very first page provided the opportunity to become acquainted with Japanese schools. The server is a place where you can put all the useful information. And that is actively using the teacher knows it, as they are employed. Someone collects on the server texts club self-song, someone in detail about his school and its possibilities.

Irina Chentsovoy dedicated

Irina Chentsova died in 2003. Man and the specialist who was at the origins of Russian distance education. She created a project "Schools to the Internet, which was attended by many schools in Moscow and other cities. It was moderated mailing list.

Himself she called setevikom. Kind souls of people, Irina was always ready to help and support everyone who sees the network of people, rather than wires and glandule. It was and remains a romantic in the domestic Internet.

Irina - people who made it possible to begin its work on the Center "Eydos." In 1997, they did not have anything but the addresses, which has provided Irina Chentsova, a member of the oldest Internet company, Techno Center Plus. Since then, she has been helped in the affairs and concerns, participated in the organizing committee of the "Remote Teacher of the Year." Even to the winners of this competition purchased at their own expense.

Let the Earth and the network you will rest in peace.

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